Referral Partnership Program

Benefit by referring Start Inboxing

Program Overview

  • Start Inboxing Referral Partner Program is one avenue Start Inboxing uses to gain potential clients and compensate partners.
  • Partners in the Start Inboxing Referral Partner Program will submit leads of potential clients in need of deliverability services to Start Inboxing.
  • Partners will receive a commission from leads that become contracted clients

Partner Benefits

  • Referral Partner will receive 15% of total contract/package the prospect customer selects.
  • Referral Partners will receive lifetime commission of prospect customer contract duration with Start Inboxing.

Client Benefits

  •  Over 30 years of combined industry experience.
  • Perfect staffing augmentation solution.
  • Improved overall domain and IP reputation.
  • A true “full-service” deliverability solution.

Referral Payment

Referral Partners can choose their desired payment method.

– Monthly

– Quarterly

– Semiannually

– Annually

DISCLAIMER: Partners will receive a Referral Payment for each accepted Deal resulting in a signed contract.

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